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Break Time

Dear all, I want to thank you for the great support you have offered and I’m so humbled. As from today the 20th of October 2020, http://www.karimijunior.com takes a short creative/educational break up to and until the 18th of December 2020 or thereabout. The short break is to enable Karimi Junior concentrate on preparation of … Continue reading Break Time

The Spliff

After a very long day at work, nothing excites her like a spliff. Being a Friday, she considers it as a reward for a job well done throughout the week. In her two bedroom apartment, she is in her blue hot pant and black tank top. Sherry is her name. She opens her most important … Continue reading The Spliff

How Do I Tell Her?

Walking down the street,in her dress with the slit,side to side her hips sway,the view blowing me away. Quickly I approach her,but I don’t know what to say,words from my mouth delay,Silently I curse this day,as the message I can’t relay. The message of her beauty,Oh, she is such a cutey,I make a fool of … Continue reading How Do I Tell Her?


You are that person who from time to time enjoys a matatu ride in a ‘souped up’ matatu popularly known as nganya or manyanga; you know those with some dope type of artwork, loud music, comfortable seats, television sets and other fancy stuff. They are preferred by many because they are driven at neck breaking … Continue reading Disappointed

We Conquered

The year is 2034 “Kids, remember to thoroughly wash your hands before you eat.” I pronounce to my triplets Karimi, Wanjiru and Liz. They do so before racing to the dining table. It’s their time for dinner. Liz being the curious one among them asks me, “Dad, why do you emphasize so much on us … Continue reading We Conquered

Liebster Award

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, people of the blogging streets, it is with much pleasure that I inform you of having bagged a second Liebster Award courtesy nomination courtesy of the lovely and sassy Twisted Empress. Much thanks to you beloved but accept my apologies for the delay. Procrastination happens. The Liebster Award is recognition … Continue reading Liebster Award


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